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Went from ? to ?

Dear Hulu makers, ???????? yall, bad enough yall want us to pay 11.99 for no commercials, yall steady ripping off your members you went from 3 to 5 commercials we want what we pay for and if this is what we pay for dont touch my money any more and ?????? the services, I might as well stay with Netflix at least for 11.99 u get access to 2 devices, but we getting ???? but more commercials. Signed: getting ready to become an ex-Hulu member

Looks nice but not functional

Sometimes when I try and play something it doesnt load at all, when I cast to my tv the connection stops and I cant pause or anything, and the app just doesnt load most of the time.

I cant see the show

When I click a show, its just a white box with a play button. Wyd Hulu!

Always crashing

This app is constantly crashing on my phone. Every time I exit out it will not load up no matter how many times I close it out. I literally have to delete it and redownload the whole app to get it to work. This is by far one of the worst apps that I have that I need to use to get my shows. The one star is for how bomb handmaids tale is.


Works great on my iPhone n roku but why isnt there an app for android and for $13.99 a month they need to get more current seasons of shows for example the magicians season 2 been done for awhile among other shows

Lately all I have are problems.

Its so frustrating when you pay for a service and you cant even watch your favorite shows; when I try to contact customer support there is always "error has occurred " and it never lets me sends an email. This is the 4th time, Im trying to watch the latest esp of one of my favorite shows and the server keeps kicking me off, ever since I did the last update it just goes crazy at times and wont me watch anything. Its very annoying. I hope they can figure out whats going on.

Wont load!!

Downloaded and use it for about an hour then ever since it will not work. Keeps saying "something went wrong" Netflix here I come.

Violates User Privacy

Violates users privacy and reserves right to alter content of previously aired shows.

To much buffering!

Chat with tech support and twitter, neither helped. I have the fastest Internet speed and firmware is up-to-date so no reason for this to happening. The screen goes black and updates while you are watching a show. I use fire stick, iphone7, and Xbox all 3 device same problem! Cancelling the service, gave it way to many chances.

Add more shows

You ratings would sky rocket if you guys added up to date episodes of popular shows. Bad girls club for instance I would love to have added here , I cancelled my Netflix for you guys . New episodes of reality shows for reality junkies like myself

Apple TV update is horrendous

The layout on the Apple TV is probably the worst design Ive ever seen for anything. I hope you have plans to change this soon.

Interface is not user friendly. Roku app much better.

Looks pretty but thats about it. Roku app so much better.

New to Apple and Hulu wont start

Im a brand new apple phone user. I was hoping for maybe the quality of my Hulu videos would be better, but instead I cannot get app to load up. Cant believe the amount of dissatisfied customers, and still the lack of a professional come through.

Please fix asap

When I get done picking my top shows it keeps saying no internet connection and I have a perfect connection. Do I delete the app and then redownload? My sons Hulu works perfectly and his shows work but mine dont.


New user interface is horrible and not user friendly. Also its stupid u got to pay more to not have commercials when Netflix charges 7.99 and theres still no commercials and ur basically the same thing but more new tv shows... so this is like a poor version of Netflix when u get the cheaper version.

Episodes not lined up correctly

The biggest issue I have with your whole program ( its not just the app, its on my XB1 as well) is your episodes for some shows are mixed up. Examples include Venture Bros. and Superjail! . Its annoying seeing two episodes with the same number and find out that episode 4 is actually episode 1 of the season.

App doesnt work!!!

I signed up and can log in fine but after that it asks u to personalize ur account by choosing genres u like and it wont let me past there. I select genres and hit "Im done" button but all it will do is a pop up alert saying "network error. Please check ur internet connection." It does this on both my iPad and iPhone. My network connection runs fine. I even temporarily unenabled all my settings restrictions, just incase, but that doesnt make it work. All my other apps work perfectly ok with no network problems, including Netflix and Apples TV app. Its only Hulu that work work. Guess i wont b trying out Hulu after all.

Bad interface

Netflix is much better interface ☹️

Not updating shows!?

So lemme start by saying this has nothing to do with the "NeW uSeR iNtErFaCe" this is because Hulu tries to hard to be Netflix. You try too hard to be Netflix by creating your own stuff which I lose interest in pretty quick and you never even update any other shows. You dont even update popular shows such as Rick and Morty!!! Its season 3 episode 4 and episode 1 has been out for MONTHS. Its time to update your shows more or at least the GOOD ones and stop trying to be Netflix...

New Hulu customer cant even setup profile

Just signed up for Hulu, I download the app to my iPhone 6S Plus with the latest version of iOS and I login to my account select my profile and it has me personalize my profile, once I make my selections, and I click "Im done" it instantly reads "Network Error". I have gigabit internet and everything is working fine even when I turn off wifi and use my At&t 4G LTE the same message appears. What a joke that this app cant even let someone use their service right after signing up for it. Oh and my girlfriend tried signing in on her iPhone 7 plus and the same exact thing happens...

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