Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies App Recensioni

Ugh 🤮

Love your content! That’s the only reason I stick with you...poor design & UI, even worse function that updates never fix. Takes too many taps to do a single thing. Watchlist count, unwatched counts are always wrong. When I’m done an episode on Netflix & Amazon prime video, the next episode automatically comes up in the corner. With you I have to minimize, find & tap the next show (in your list of what to watch next which is filled 90% with stuff that’s not in my watch list that I have never watched but u obviously think I should) & maximize. Screen zoom disappeared & never returned. I can zoom with Netflix & Amazon, but not you. I can’t even turn auto play on & off from the app settings, gotta go the your website. It’s just damned clunky. I love your content, but I.Sincerely.Despise.This.App.

Bad day.

The app keeps saying that I lost connection even though I have a perfectly good connection. I have to uninstall the app and reinstall it just to login.

Log in issues

The issue is simple no matter what I do it wants me to sign up for service or it says wrong password or email. Plus I can not locate password reset is there one? Thanks, Walter I have the service (commercial free).

Love it but this one problem

Hello! I love Hulu so much <3 But when I try to add episodes to my episodes Only a few will show up, and sometimes it only shows a couple episodes I added, but not all of them. Could you please fix this? It would really mean allot.


Really enjoy watching shows here, thank you Hulu! For being a part of my life. What would I do without you?!

Good Shows, Abysmally Bad App

Here's a list of reasons why this app is terrible. - Constantly forces you to re-login with username and password - Doesn't let you fast forward through dumb repetitive things like "Viewer discretion advised" announcements and corporate logos at the start of EVERY single episode. - Cant minimize currently streaming video to browse other options - Navigation is clunky, unpleasant, and needlessly complicated - They make it hard to watch the next episode in a series!!! If I'm on like S2E3, their next up recommendation will be like S8E5. - Way too easy to accidentally click on one of their terrible recommendations and get switched out of the thing you actually did want to watch - I can go on and on and on. Their interface is just terribly thought out and hard to use. Hulu app designers, just freaking look at Netflix's app and YouTube's app, will you? You tried reinventing the wheel and gave us something like hexagons instead of circles. Yes, the app is usable and it's better than nothing, but it's inexplicably inferior to competitor apps. Why did you make these horrible UI and design decisions!?!?!

Why I love but dislike Hulu

I love the app everything is alright my first problem is that some tv shows or movies I remember that are old I can’t watch because it says it’s locked. Second the adds for my Hulu are sooooooo long it says something like 68 seconds and when I timed it on THREE devices I got 3 mins so like the time is radicals it’s to long maybe like YouTube you could do like 2 or 1 add per 10 or 11 mins or more in a episode or show. My last thing is I love the app better than Netflix sort of I have Netflix two but i wish if you had the sprint plan which I have you got free Hulu with no adds if I would of know this than I should have stayed with Netflix. Look I love the app all I’m saying is please please oh please make it better for all of us thank you and please respond or do better 👍👍😊😊😀 and sort of like five stars in the middle of it.

I don’t know why People Complaining

The best Stream App hands Down! I lay on my Tv, Mobile phone flawless. Stop complaining people? It is not Netflix 13 dollars a month is like 40 I know but Netflix doesn’t have live tv almost instantaneous with high definition quality they almost fixed everything, clouds, image quality is top notch now thank you Hulu you really made the chagréns we were looking for.

Works great but...

Hulu has way too many ads and is a bit overpriced to get rid of them and enjoy the full experience, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great video-streaming service but it lacks in some areas, same with Netflix.


Since the update last week, the most recent episode is not appearing of General Hospital through the app, however on my smart tv, Hulu plus is showing the most current episode. Fix the app!


It’s been a year of up and down with Hulu. One update fixes everything and the next brings it all down. I can watch about 30 seconds of a show before it just freezes. F****g terrible. Hire some Netflix engineers.

App refuses to load??

For some reason, and I never used to have this problem, the app absolutely refuses to load. The app itself is fine (back when I could use it correctly) and it was even better using the chrome cast. However, today it appears that it won’t even let me open it for 5 seconds without crashing. All it gives me is the Hulu logo, and simply crashes moments later. Please fix.

Playing outside the app

I love Hulu but don’t get a lot of time to watch while I’m working, which is often, so typically with other streaming apps I will put my headphones in and listen while I work but with the Hulu app I can’t lock my phone or use my phone for any other reason because the audio stops after I leave the app, this is normal with other streaming apps like Netflix but with Netflix, I have the ability to press play after I’ve exited the app through the control center on my iPhone. I’d love the ability to do this with Hulu as well! Thank you!!!

Hulu live

I just feel it would make more sense under the live shows to show the name of the show not the title of the episode.?

iPhone 6 Error Playing This Video

Cannot watch any video on iPhone 6 because of the above error. Happens on any network. Updated to the most current iOS twice (iOS 11.4.1 and also iOS 12) with no change. Called support, but was offered no solutions and have no visibility to how or if the issue is being addressed. Will update the review if it starts working again.

Won’t let me watch content

I restarted my phone, reopened the app, nothing’s working. It says “content not available.” It will only let me “browse details.”


I love this app, I don’t know why it has such a bad rep. I had Hulu with limited commercials but got tired of that pretty quickly so I got no commercials. Hulu with no commercials is amazing and I have no problems with the app crashing or anything like that. It’s great!


50% of the time this app will not cast! It keeps saying there’s an error code and give me the option to retry or just say ok. I pay for the Hulu services over $40 a month and I expect better from this! Seriously thinking about leaving Hulu and going to another service.

“We haven’t seen you in a while so we logged you out”

Complete and utter bull$hit. Want to annoy me, uninstalled and unsubscribed. You aren’t getting a dime from me going forward. Hulu wins the Emmy for “Most Annoying AF app”....


Just downloaded update. Hope this fixes issue. Tired of having to restart due to loss of video while audio keeps playing in background while screen locks up. Any advice tips or tricks would be appreciated. Update.....still does not work properly. Have to close app and restart to get video and navigation back as only sound plays on locked screen. Uninstalled and will reinstall. If that doesn’t work will try service with iOS app that works.

Not User Friendly

The user interface is absolutely awful. It’s difficult to find new shows or keep up with shows I want to watch. It looks pretty, but if incredibly inconvenient and impractical. I do not like the majority of shows that Hulu suggests for me and I am glad that I can now remove those shows from my suggestions. But, I am frustrated because I the shows that I actually am watching are not showing up in my line up when a new episode is released. Additionally, I occasionally switch back and forth between my mobile device and my TV when watching a particular episode or multiple episodes of a TV show, but my Hulu account does not keep up with where I am in the show when I go back and forth. I have to manually select where I am in the show and usually have to rewatch commercials. It’s very frustrating and other services like Netflix have no trouble jumping between the TV and their app. This issue further contributes to the algorithm problem I have where the shows I actually am watching are not being displayed in my line up.

Keeps Getting Stuck!

What a pain! I watch a little, then it freezes, and I have to delete the app and reinstall, over and over again!!! THIS is supposed to be the FIX?

Best TV streaming subscription service

Best shows from all of the big networks available in HD, what more could you want. Just wish you could have it streaming on more devices at the same time considering the price per month. Split between three people it is a no brained it is so cheap. Less than a cup of coffee per week.

Status Bar

The status bar (top screen with WiFi/time/battery) doesn’t disappear when watching in full screen. Very annoying. Please fix.

Log in

I am disappointed because I just made a Hulu account and now I can’t log In I know my email and password are correct . Also when I try to reset my password I don’t get the email I even checked the junk folder and nothing

Garbage app

Controls Keep freezing, audio continues to play after closing. It use to work ok, now pure garbage. Clumsy design, annoying bugs.

Please fix

This app is the worst I paid to be able to watch my favorite movies and shows and it wouldn’t even let me log in this is the worst app ever even Netflix is a better app

90 second ads!!

These ads are ridiculously long!! And I have to watch them MULTIPLE times in one sitting. Both on phone and laptop. Especially when I’m trying to watch a 20-minute episode, do you know how incredibly annoying that is??? Oh my goodness. Maybe if it was 15 seconds fine, but 90???? Holy crap. This is ridiculous. Please look into shortening them.

Ads are horrible

Ads would be so much more bearable if they didn't play the same ones every freaking time

Fix the iOS bug problem

I can’t watch Hulu on my phone sometimes without it saying error playing video

Bad Experience

I tried Hulu Live TV once my digital converter lost a channel, and didn’t enjoy it. It costs about forty bucks a month, but still has commercials, so they get you both ways. Normal streaming like broadcast TV works fine. But do anything else—rewinding or fast-forwarding, using other apps—and you risk the app freezing, forcing you to watch content AGAIN. Because of course they get paid more when you watch the SAME commercials OVER and OVER. Nice scam!

Like Netflix, only with commercials

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The base package, which is what I have, is like Netflix with less content and commercials. And no, you can’t always skip the commercials. And it’s buggy. Really buggy. I don’t know if this is a recent thing, but I sure hope it doesn’t stay this way. Ffwd or rwd a bit too much and it crashes, for one thing. I am not sure what the more expensive packages are like, but unless you get it for free through some other service, the basic plan is not great.

What are we paying $10 a month for

The ads are annoying and we shouldn't have them. We’re basically paying $10 for cable TV. There are shows that I like but not enough.

Location for live

Every since the last update I am unable to watch cbs nbc fox or abc live because for some reason is telling Hulu I am in Omaha Nebraska when I am in SD, I am only one in family that did update, and I am only one having problems. Whether I am on WiFi or data it gives me stations from a different region that I can’t watch because I am not freakin there, I will be unsubscribing if I miss one more week of football because of this

What’s with the DVR deleting function

I love Hulu, so much cheaper than DTV and has everything I want. But lately, when I delete something from the DVR, it shows right back up seconds later. Please fix this so i one, don’t run out of space and two, so I don’t accidentally delete something I want to keep

Please Handle Commercials Better!

I don’t mind watching commercials, but I find it ridiculous that if I’ve watched an episode in its entirety and want to rewind or re-watch it, I’m forced to sit through commercials all over again and can’t even get to a point in the episode without sitting through all the segmented commercials. Crazy...

Redzone / live-guide

Please add NFL Red Zone! Need to purchase Sling just for NFL Redzone. Live Guide stops whatever is playing on live - so you can’t listen to what is going on while searching the guide - very annoying. Other than that - pretty good/average service. I look forward to future improvements

About the shows...

Hulu is a great on the go or even just at home but don’t expect all your tv shows to be there, I think the most problems are that they don’t have all the shows episodes which makes it hard to understand. I just hope they can put the shows episodes all at once if they are going to come out with something!

Unprepared for iOS12

Won’t work at all on iPad updated to latest app version on iOS 12

Please fix this

Ever since the upgrade if you press pause or want to go back the screen freezes and the video continues to play I have to constantly restart my iPad when will this be fixed

Cast option

What happened to the casting button? I use Vizio SmartCast and it’s not showing the cast icon now.

Fix This!

What the heck! As if it weren't annoying enough that there has to be about 7 commercial breaks during a half hour show and that the same commercials are played over and over, but the video stops playing after every break. I have to disconnect from Chrome and reconnect. This issue has been going on for over a year now. Will it ever be fixed? If Hulu is going to continue having such a malfunctioning app, then it should be free. I bet they aren't fixing it so people will become so frustrated that they'll upgrade to the commercial free subscription. *Update- Now in addition to all of the above problems, the app crashes repeatedly with each episode. Great, thanks Hulu. *9-18 Update- The crashing and freezing issues have thankfully improved. The excess repeated commercials are annoying but tolerable. It’s just a black screen if I watch from Google Chrome thanks to an ad blocker. My issue now (why must there always be issues with this PAID app?) is that it’s marking my previously watched episodes as unwatched. I’ve lost my place in all my shows. Even after I’ve just finished watching an episode, it stays at the top of my watchlist as “Resume Episode”.

It’s not the app it’s Hulu..

I’ll make it quick I don’t like writing reviews; I love the Hulu app! I’ve had no problems what so ever, runs fluidly. That being said Netflix has you all beat on one thing - a ‘Play from Beginning” option! I hate that I either have to finish something or rewind the whole thing to start it over. Please fix!

ESPN won’t show up on live tv when on cellular network

ESPN won’t show up on live tv when on cellular network. Please fix was working before from same area


no entiendo el montón de anuncios. Para eso pago el cable y tengo más variedad de anuncios por eso solo 1 estrella.

Hulu is deceptive and a true scam

Paying $44.00 a month for junk. Apple needs a Sheriff. Programs drop off line, Hulu admits its their problem. Then Fix it! It gets worse. My account page says I get “live Streaming TV.” That’s a lie as well. Try and call them? Once today they said “I can’t hear you.” And hung up. Next call they said “we’ll be with you shortly. “ Then after eight minutes the line disconnected! Clearly the investors in Hulu are bandits. They made their money and the customers can suffer. Cancelled my account. And they made that a slog through a group of extensive questions about “changing my mind.” Nope, my mind is made up.

The worst app

Extremely frustrating to use. Crashes randomly and repeatedly. Layout is not intuitive; not user friendly. How this was ever promoted to production in such a state is quite surprising. Get a new development team Hulu. This is TERRIBLE


Some shows run longer than the dvr recording. Also more eastern standard time channels

Mark as watched

Need to be able to manually mark a show as watched. Without this, everything is messed up.


I can’t even make an account without and error!!! I tried deleting and reinstalling the app multiple times and nothing. This is a terrible app and I don’t recommend even trying. ):<

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