Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies App Recensioni

Netflix is better

Hulu has crappy shows and movies. In addition the playback is always choppy compared Netflix which seems to stream just fine even with the slowest of internet.

Add sponge

Add spongebob


Ah. Another update. And more problems. Now the App won't let me login. Even though all my info is right. Just like it was before the update. I pay money for this - and I am so close to canceling my subscription. The design of the app is stupid, the ui/ux design team should be fired and hire a design team to redo the app and make it work. I'm sick of paying for something this unusable.

Please fix

I love this I just want to watch my fav shows but I can’t I try to watch anything and nothing happens when I tap on an episode

Waste your my time.

You guys and this app are a waste of time.


I couldn't last one hour. Terrible.

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Super finicky!

So many great shows, but this app needs some serious work! It’s constantly crashing forcing me to completely quit the app and start over! Can’t get through a 40 minute episode without having to restart the app 5 or so times... please fix it!

Literally everywhere else has better connection and service than Hulu

Hulu was great til this last month .... I can’t even watch a single episode of anything... it’s either lagging or skipping terribly on all my devices (Netflix and YouTube and solar movies work just fine no problem) and Hulu is saying it’s my internet connection. I looked it up and everyone else is having this problem as well. They are extremely rude when you call customer service and I think I need to cancel my membership because I feel now this company is stealing from me.

Very bad lately

Something is not right... I’m hearing double on the same show Apple TV and Hulu are playing the same show simultaneously....!

App crashes

Doesn’t even load on my iPad. Well-played, Hulu!


They don’t even have trailer park boys I’m getting Netflix

Wayyy better

Yay I’m able the app thru my tv adapter 😁👌

Need help

Okay so I wasn’t having troubles with this app until a couple of days ago it worked fine nothing was wrong with it and then when I went to go and watch something it wouldn’t play the video. Everything else has been working but when I want to watch a video it just doesn’t start. The screen shows up with the play button and the forward and rewind button are there but when I press play the screen just stays black! PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND!!

Add the download option

Netflix has it. Other media app has it. Please add it so it could be helpful for my commute where I do not have internet access


Please do an update I can’t watch my shows after commercials have to restart the app ever since your last update

Streaming is annoying

The app keeps restarting the show if I leave the app open. I can’t rewind because the app isn’t designed for someone to rewind to the beginning.

Unable to log in

I’ve been unable to log in for a day now please fix this!

Glitches Galore

I use Hulu on smart tv. It seems about after an hour there is always a message that pops up stating the playback server key is down. Super annoying. Just updated, and still does it. However, even more annoying; now when I watch something it doesn’t add to “my stuff”. Get it together.

Good but...

A lot of the anime is in sub only which is disappointing but otherwise good

Ads and refreshing

As if commercials aren’t bad enough, all I get is that the “ads can’t be displayed” even though I’ve disabled my ad blocker multiple times. To make this problem worse, the shows sometimes freeze, and cause 120 seconds to reset just to get back to the original point I was at


Can you guys please PLEASE change the caption color. Yellow makes it hard to read when there is a bright background and after a while it creates a big headache.


There’s always updates so often! It keeps logging me out and making me sign back in. I love Hulu but the app is not good at all. It’s always something with them and it making me want to cancel my membership with them.

Es una basura es mejor Netflix

Tendría que tener para toda audiencia y sus movies en español también es una app basura no se los recomiendo para nada

Platform stable as standing on a 40-yr-old folding chair

If you like logging in and logging out, rebooting, freezing at the critical moment in every show - this is the app for you! Unfortunately the top notch shows are barely viewable. Don't waste your money.

Can't even use

Whenever I try to watch anything on Hulu it says unavailable

Constant buffering

As soon as I added on showtime and upgraded to the no commercials all I get is buffering and gives me errors. So I guess the best way to Hulu is with commercials and no add ons? I’ll be downgrading today. And no it’s not my internet connection because it worked fine before and nothing else has problems loading except this app. Super disappointing.

Nomore commercials

To muchhh commercials.


Hulu does not have the American version of the office which is a real bummer. Also, why do we have to pay if we still have to deal with constant commercials?🤔 Netflix wouldn’t do that to us.



Fix Hulu for tv and fire stick!!!!!

It’s been over 2 months now and nothing has changed !!! The update that supposedly got rid of the bug didn’t work. I have talked to countless of Hulu representatives and each time they tell me to restart the app and obviously if I didn’t try that already I wouldn’t have called.


Horrible! Bring back the older version. I hate having to click through several screens to get to what I am looking for. Also, bring back the older History section. This new History feature is a pain to use. I also hate that my Watchlist is not automatically loaded. I don't want to go through the trouble of having to add everything again. This app is terrible. Why try to "fix" something that was not broken in the first place?

Commercials again

It shouldn’t be so hard to keep track of the fact that i have already watched 20 minutes of commercials when “a glitch occurs” with 7 minutes left in the show. Here i sit fast forwarding to where i was, having to rewatch every single commercial break all over. ALSO, I’m seeing complaints about this issue dating back to November. Soooo is Hulu even actually trying to fix this? Or does Hulu get paid each time an ad is viewed?

New problem

This app has always worked relatively good but since the last update, If the show takes to log to load or buffers to long then it errors out and I have to reset the app to make it work. Please fix this.

Great just add down load

It is a great app u just need to add the down load feature to watch your favorite shows and movies on the go.

Why pay if we get so many commercials

So I’ve been using this for about a year and a half and it’s great because it’s plenty of shows and movies but the only thing l hate is all the commercials like we already pay for the app it’s not like this is a free app . l had to watch a 3 part movie that had 8 commercials in each and every one it’s very annoying sometimes l just cut I‎t off mid way through but still it’s a good app because we get definitely more shows that actually play on tv

It’s ok 😔 but...

I have been using this app for a couple months. I mostly use it with my Chromecast, but lately while I’m playing an episode it disconnects by itself and plays on my iPad. If y’all could fix this issue as soon as possible it would be great

App doesn’t open

The app won’t open (it’s up to date). Crashes on the open screen every time I try to open it up. I can’t see it when I double tap the home button to close out open apps on my phone but it won’t actually open as my main screen.

Hulu keeps taking down my review

Hulu is garbage! The episode tracking is horrid. After watching an episode it says my next one is either the one I just finished or one 2 seasons back. The app looks nice. But the functionality is the exact opposite. The commercials are now longer and more frequent. If you started your account with a third party you have to call them (Hulu)to set it up so you can go onto Hulu’s website and change settings/preferences. There’s no way to change your home screen. So every time you log on your forced to see what Hulu’s horrible algorithm recommends for you to watch. They charge Netflix prices and still tack on commercials and their customer service is just as bad as their apps UI. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend.

The app failed me

Okay after all these other reviews about this and you still want to download this, you must have a problem but if you like wasting time then go ahead no one is stopping you so you can just go, install it, come on, stop reading these reviews and go install something else


I have never seen a streaming platform that you have to pay for that still has so many ads in my life. I just want to watch Rick and Morty without ads. Get rid of the ads then maybe you’ll be as popular as Netflix. Maybe

Bug fix?

Can’t seem to start up right and can’t binge watch anything because of playback errors! Start up errors, playback errors!!!

You need to fix this issue

I've been paying Hulu monthly for a service im not getting, for almost a month now I keep getting kicked out or not being able to watch anything at all. This is really unacceptable. You guys said u fixed the issue with this last update but it feels like it only got worse..

Will it EVER Be Fixed???

The programming on the app isn’t bad, but the app itself is horrible. Can watch for only a few minutes (sometimes only seconds) and the app crashes. Tech support is never available. Frustrating. I pay a lot of money (to me) every month to use the service and it’s been squirrelly for well over a month and can rarely use it. Contact tech support you say? What a logical thing to do. I do, however think app support has been abducted by aliens because they surely aren’t reachable in this earth. I’m going to go to all the social media sites and see if I can spread my joy there. But can’t post to their pages. I just want to be able to use what I pay for. What’s up with that Hulu ???

Please fix!

Before the last update, as a show was ending, an option would appear on the screen (on my iPhone) for what to watch next. The option is still there but only when the phone is in portrait mode. Can we add that feature back in landscape mode? Similar to how it appears on a Roku streaming device.


This has got to be the worst streaming app EVER constantly crashing 🖕🏿🤬


Someone wanna tell me why I can’t watch The Sopranos on this?

Can’t finish a movie.

My family has movie night on Saturday’s and it is really sad when you get to the last 10-5 minutes of the end of the movie and it freezes. We have tried to forward past the spot, still freezes. Try to rewind same thing. Every movie we have seen on Hulu we can not finish. Does anyone else have this problem? Please Hulu fix the problem!

Unbelievably bad

Awful playback, tons of adds, can’t watch 90% of what’s on the app.

update didn’t work for me

my hulu app still crashes incredibly often. it’s a redundant & daily thing. i’m paying monthly just to watch my shows crash over & over. very frustrating.

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